Rhino Money Boxes

‘Pambere Chipembre’ (Forward with Rhino)

Black Rhino Diceros Bicornis This magnificent prehistoric species is threatened with Extinction. By Purchasing this rhino money box you are supporting Hokoyo Rhino Conservation in Africa. This design on the skin of this animal signifies the urine trail of the bull and is used in native basket weaving in Botswana.

Helping Endangered Wildlife & Communities in Africa’s Southern Sub Region.

Trade Enquires: info@hokoyowildlife.com
Handcrafted in genuine leather. Current Stock now only Available in Red
Size: 7 ” x 4″ (18 cm x 10 cm) approx.

The reason behind the project: – Why a money box?
1. By purchasing this product you are supporting Hokoyo’s Rhino Sanctuary Support Project.
2. To encourage young people to save their money instead of wasting it!

Original Concept & Artwork Design: – Julie Anne Edwards Leather Money Box, Moulding & Production Design: Jacqui Walker
Hokoyo Copyright 2013

To Order Please Contact Hokoyo Directly: info@hokoyowildlife.com